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Performs on traditional endpoints, across the corporate network, and cloud applications, making it easier to see and block threats to sensitive information.

CSI offers its clients the latest and most advanced/ cost efficient solution for solving Data Centers energy consumption. IMMERSION4 DTM™ TECHNOLOGY IS THE FIRST OF ITS KIND to offer our customers benefit of massively reducing the cooling energy bill of their DATA at a low acquisition costs.

CSI provide end-to-end breach avoidance across endpoint, network and cloud platforms. We Fortify your endpoint security with over 30 security modules, including low overhead Endpoint Detection and Response, risk analytics and endpoint hardening.

With the growth of Data Collection in every organization the cost of Data Transfer and Storage has become a major Operational Expense to many businesses. CSI offers a Unique & Patented solution that reduces bandwidth consumption by up to 90% for live video streams. This powerful tool is ideal for addressing high bandwidth costs and low quality feeds for real-time video.

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