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Security Control Validation

Provides you with the evidence to manage and report on your organization’s systemic cyber security risk.

We arm you with the ability to optimize your spend on your security stack by testing your configurations with real attacks, not simulations, in the production environment to pinpoint which systems or tools are leaving assets at risk. We proactively identify configuration issues and expose the gaps across your people, process, and technology

Security Validation instruments IT environments at scale to test the effectiveness of network, endpoint, email and cloud controls. Continuously execute tests and analyze results to proactively alert on drift from a known-good baseline and validate control configuration

Generate proof that your controls are protecting critical assets

Communicate Business Impact

By providing quantifiable data and the ability to translate technology information to business language, you can demonstrate accountability and proactive reporting on the status of your defenses to executive leadership

Active Cyber Threat Analysis

Identify the most relevant and impactful threats targeting your organization so that you can automatically test defenses with the same attack behaviors your potential adversaries use to breach other companies

Realistic Testing

Test your configurations with real cyber security attacks, not breach and attack simulations, in the production environment so that you can pinpoint which systems or security tools are leaving assets at risk.

Dashboards & Reports

Provide empiric reports that reveal exactly how people, process and technology respond to a specific cyber threat ahead of time. Effectively display what the past incident report will look like before the actual incident occurs so that you can make educated investment decisions to improve cyber security risk management.

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