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Privileged Account Management

Is a centralized solution that secures privileged access and monitors privileged sessions. It provides unalterable audit trails and behavioral analysis reports on privileged user activity. These resources can be useful when making security decisions and can help prevent the spread of malicious software to other systems.

The core of the WALLIX Bastion allows you to secure your privileged accounts and support your teams regulatory compliance efforts.

PAM Is Made Up of 3 Modules

Session Manager

Monitors all activity and controls privileged access in real-time to prevent and to detect malicious activity.

Password Manager

Manages passwords and SSH keys in a consolidated vault, and enables super-administrators to regain control over access governance by managing password complexity and guaranteeing that passwords are not divulged or hijacked.

Access Manager

his module provides security teams with a centralized console for privileged access management. It provides an exhaustive real-time list of all privileged users logins, sessions, and actions to mitigate risk and prevent cyber-attacks

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