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Online Fraud Detection

Our solution helps embrace DX initiatives without compromising security, by continuously monitoring and identifying in real-time any sign of malware infection or complex threat scenarios representing targeted attacks to your extended perimeter. 

1) Detect integrity of applications & data against advanced attack techniques (e.g. MITB, MITM) used for data tampering and credential hijacking

2)Analyze anomalous behavior, such as users using new devices or accessing data from unusual locations at unusual time (e.g. outside business hours)

3) Analyze suspicious activities involving sensitive data (e.g. credit card numbers) representing potential slow & low data exfiltration scenarios

4) Create rules to correlate multiple Indicators of Compromise (IOCs) and automatically send alerts and execute response actions

5) Adopt threat protection mechanisms that enable user sessions to be safe even in presence of infected endpoints and MITB or MITM attacks

Our solution delivers client-less and application-transparent threat detection and protection for your on-line services

Advanced threat detection and protection

  • Patented Full Content Integrity (FCI) continuously verifies full application integrity (DOM/XHR/API)
  • Deep threat visibility automatic extraction of threat evidence (e.g. malicious web-injects and mobile apps)
  • Patented Dynamic Application Encryption (DAE) to enable safe transactions from infected endpoints

Client-less and application-transparent

  • Client-less – no agent deployed and passive mobile SDK – no touch of application backend infrastructure
  • User-transparent – no impact on end-user experience, content delivery and endpoint performance
  • Application-independent – no changes required to application code – no re-training upon new releases

Open, scalable and cloud-ready

  • Open architecture and comprehensive REST APIs – integrates any Transaction Monitor, Case Mgmt, SIEM
  • Scalable to continuously monitor full application perimeter and analyze millions of events / day
  • Deployed either on-premise or over the Cloud

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