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E-Government Solutions

E-government solution that revolutionizes the way people interact with the Government by streamlining their operations and getting the Government closer to the people it serves. CSI E-Gov solution is about making ongoing enhancements to the processes, creating efficient models that caters to the culture of the public sector, so that it can respond to the changing needs of its citizens and todays technology. CSI has engaged and worked with many government agencies to provide electronic solutions catering for their requirements to increase efficiency, transparency and collections.

Our Team of Experiences and Certified Automation and Processes, Quality Assurance and Procedures will design the processes, work flow optimization and cater the electronic migration of these processes into an automated system fit for purpose to the highest international standards.

Electronic Revenue Collection (ERC)

Is a comprehensive solution for the electronic collection of Government Fees, Taxes and Custom Duties. It serves as a means to achieve a cashless environment via the introduction of Virtual Funds and automates all revenue collection processes, allowing government agencies to exploit the full capabilities of the technology to transform its services to the public.

Our Platform separates the collection of cash and the actual collection of fee in the revenue collection process. Under this framework cash is collected at the beginning through trusted partners i.e. authorized banks and their branches.

E-VAT Collections Platform:

E-VAT Collections Platform: Improves the collection of Governments VAT on the E-Commerce from Local and International Vendors. Our Platform offers:

1) Empowers the tax authority to enforce tax laws in the digital economy by placing visibility and control

2) Enforce the collection & remittance of vat (WithHolding Tax / Import duties) on all e commerce / mobile money transactions automatically, upfront & directly at the point of purchase

3) Close the tax gap – fix the leakage of tax to e-commerce / the digital economy

4) Expansion of the tax base by collecting vat on all mobile money transactions used for trade in the informal economy

5) Increase the collection of corporate income tax owing to the tax authority from e-commerce merchants through accurate, real-world data

6) Zero reliance on self-assessment or voluntary compliance thereby enforcing the collection and remittance of vat on e-commerce transactions and import duties

7) Competitive and Flexible Working Models based on collection fees

Customs Solutions for Ports Inspection and Verification of Conformity

The DI&VoC system includes a web-based user interface that will be available to the exporter/manufacturer and internal users(QA/Officers). Users will be authenticated by the web portal and will have access to specific functionality based on their role. The web portal will also provide context sensitive online help via page specific help, pop-up help windows, tooltips, and error- checking functionality.

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