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With our Advanced DNS protection solution, your business is always up and running, even under a DNS-based attack. It blocks the widest range of attacks, such as volumetric attacks, NXDOMAIN, exploits and DNS hijacking. Unlike approaches that rely on infrastructure overprovisioning or simple response-rate, Advanced DNS Protection intelligently detects and mitigates DNS attacks while responding only to legitimate queries by using constantly updated threat intelligence, without the need to deploy security patches. With our solution, you can take network reliability to the next level by ensuring that your critical infrastructure—and your business—keep working at all times


Key Features

Reduce Business Disruptions

monitors, detects and stops all types of DNS attacks— including volumetric attacks non-volumetric attacks, such as DNS exploits and DNS hijacking—while responding to legitimate queries. It also maintains DNS integrity, which DNS hijacking attacks can compromise. It provides a solid foundation for security, enabling five nines availability for your network.

Adapt to Evolving Threats

It uses Threat technology to automatically update protection against new and evolving threats
as they emerge. Threat Adapt applies independent analysis and research to evolving attack techniques, including what threat specialists have seen in customer networks, to update protection. It automatically adapts protection to reflect DNS configuration changes.

Gain Single-Pane-of-Glass Visibility

Your organization can easily view prior or current DNS attacks and improve operational efficiency through our rapid threat remediation. The Advanced DNS Protection also provides a single view of attack points across the network and attack
sources, supplying the intelligence necessary for threat management

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