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CSI offers its clients the latest and most advanced/ cost efficient solution for solving Data Centers energy consumption. IMMERSION4 DTM™ TECHNOLOGY IS THE FIRST OF ITS KIND to offer our customers benefit of massively reducing the cooling energy bill of their DATA at a low acquisition costs using our data center cooling solution.

Customers benefit from a massively reduced cooling energy bill, lower acquisition costs, space savings, and a truly universal and sustainable system.

It is based on 4 pillars and principles leading an innovative circular business model:
– No water consumption
– No CO2 Emission
– No GHG (Greenhouse Gas) Emission
– Ethics

” DTM™ datacenter technology is based on the 4 “E” principles


The best energy savings is the energy we don’t use from the server to the building.

Environmental conservation

To preserve & enhance the “Quality of Life” QoL.


Circular economy

“Pay as you Grow”. No up-front sizing. The best datacenter is the one with no datacenter infrastructure required.

Ecologically sustainable

99,99% built on recyclable materials.

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