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Every day your business creates more and more data. Data gets saved, employees move on, data is forgotten and lost. Valuable information sits on your file servers and document stores, not protected and unrecoverable because no one knows where to find it.

Data classification will help you regain control over your unstructured data. With Boldon James Classifier, you can select the right data classification approach for your business, whether it be automatic classification, user-driven classification or a blend of classification techniques so that users are supported by the software with their classification decisions.

Protecting Data Throughout its Lifecycle

Data In Use

  • Office Classifier
  • CAD Classifier
  • MAC Classifier

Data At Rest

  • File Classifier
  • SharePoint Classifier
  • Box Classifier

Data In Motion

  • Email Classifier
  • Notes Classifier
  • OWA Classifier
  • Mobile Classifier
  • Exchange Classifier

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