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Ready assembled mining rigs with different capacities available for sales starting from $ 4,000

Cryptocurrency mining requires the right hardware, software, and a mining pool.
A Mining rig is a hardware which is responsible for adding new coins into the existing circulating supply of any cryptocurrency. It is a key process that allows cryptocurrencies to work as a P2P network. 

There are quite a few things to keep in mind, but the main ones would probably have to be hash rate and energy consumption.

Crypto Mining Cooling

Miners solution is based on direct liquid cooling (immersive cooling) of IT equipment (servers, miners), without changing the equipment initial packaging (“Dunk & Mine” concept), thus simplifying operation and maintenance, and reducing up-front costs.
The fluid used, is a single phase fluid, that directly removes heat from the computer components of the equipment (CPU, GPU, ASICs) without a phase change, taking advantage of the high heat capacity and conductivity of the fluid (x1,500 times better than air, similar to water, without the inconveniences), and transfer it away, where it can be conveniently and easily discharged through an external traditional fluid exchanger or fluid/air exchanger

 Miners System

  • Tank Design: The tank is designed for a capacity of up to 250kW and 80 miner devices, but thanks to its modular structure and computerized manufacturing, it can be adapted to various types of miners and configurations, including smaller tank sizes.
  • Dual Cooling: The solution includes cooling of both the miner and its power supply;
  • Single Phase Fluid: As the Miners System operates with a single-phase fluid at ambient pressure, no sealed enclosure is required, and direct access to the miner(s) is available (for maintenance purpose).
  •  Modular Maintenance Operations: The miners can be added or removed individually in the tank, facilitating maintenance operation. The tank operation does not require to be stopped, or the other miners in the tank to be shutdown. An automatic ON/OFF bypass fluid injection system ensures that the presence or absence of a miner does not affect the operation (cooling) of the other miners.
  • Polycarbonate Design: The tanks are built using custom made polycarbonate transparent panels, glued together through a special process, which can be assembled on-site if needed. Using polycarbonate minimizes radiated heat compared to metal material, while providing a very high, superior, mechanical resistance. It also provides direct visual access to any visual signal (LEDs) on the IT device. Since the tank build-up does not use any welding or piping for fluid circulation, risks of fluid leaks are non-existent.
  • Stackable Design: The tanks can be assembled in pairs on top of the other, in order to further optimize space.

 Management System

  • Control & Monitoring System: The electronic control system which monitors and controls the temperature in the tank, miners fluid levels, operation of the refrigeration system, or fluid heat exchanger and pump, monitors the power consumption of the miners system, and provides remote control access.

Optional Refrigeration System

  • “AIO series” (“Built-in” Solution):
    When using the built-in cooling solution, the miners system becomes fully autonomous, with the fluid cooling and heat
    discharged system co-located with the tank. The solution relies on using an industrial refrigeration system, with a variable speed compressor and a bypass 3 valves cooling fluid circulation circuit which minimizes the power consumption of the refrigeration system.
  • The whole system, including from top to bottom:
    (a) Electronic system control,
    (b) Miners fluid compensation systems, and
    (c) Refrigeration system, can be seen on this picture of a 10U/25kW demo system meant for holding high performance server blades (data center applications).

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