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Start Building Your Business With Cloud

The cloud is one of today’s most demanded and dynamic technologies.

Cloud technology is vital for growing organizations to achieve higher efficiency, innovation, and attain scalability to match your business demand. Companies that have already embarked cloud are paving the way forward and achieve excellence while their competitors are still assessing cloud as a feasible option for cloud migration and adoption.

Designing a cost-effective solution that keeps your data protected and your applications available requires expertise and a thorough understanding of your business. With CSI Team of Certified and Dedicated Cloud Experts you can ensure your Cloud Migration Journey will run smoothly & efficiently with 99.999 Downtime at a scalable rate so your company does not invest in unnecessary CAPEX while keeping your OPEX at actual requirement while it grows with your business. CSI team has the experience to deliver a secure and compliant hosting solutions, while deploying and managing the right balance of confidentiality, availability and integrity for your hosted private or multi-tenant infrastructure.

Start Building Your Business With Cloud

  • Cost Efficient

    Moving to the cloud saves the upfront cost of purchasing, managing and upgrading the IT systems

  • Scalability

    IT Infrastructure services help you grow as you need to by increasing capacity only when resource demand grows.

  • Security

    Ensure the security, integrity and availability of mission-critical information

  • Anywhere & Everywhere

    Choose where your apps and data reside. Build and manage cloud solutions servers across global data centres.

  • Fault Resilient

    Moving to cloud eliminates redundancy and susceptibility to outages. Cloud keeps information highly available

  • Management

    Cloud migration leads existing workforce to focus on their core task of monitoring the infrastructure and improving them

CSI Cloud Services


Moving to the cloud is not only a challenge but rather an opportunity to make existing business processes more agile and innovative. As the first step, you have to take stock of all the infrastructure components, business processes and in-house expertise at your disposal and build a strategy that encompasses all the needs of your organization on your cloud migration journey.

CSI can help you to develop and execute the cloud migration strategy that fits your needs and makes the most sense from the standpoint of your business objectives. Based on your actual and target digital maturity levels, our experts customize your migration program for the processes, people, and technologies within your organization.


We make it simple, flexible and super-fast, yet cost-effective. You have the possibility to choose between Windows and Linux, for your virtual machines, as operating systems in managed mode, where the base software can be installed according to the requirements of each application.

In addition, we offer a scalable system, technical support, operation and infrastructure maintenance, and proactive monitoring.



If you are looking for confidentiality, privacy and secrecy, our private cloud solutions are designed to provide you with a fully managed single-tenant, dedicated environment, in terms of servers, storage and networking.  Our private cloud solutions give you the agility, scalability and efficiency of a public cloud, with the privacy you require.

We are able to develop and operates your applications and systems.

CSI developers provide robust API development and integration services using XML,REST protocls, extending the functionality of your current application with new and existing third party systems.

CSI API Integration solution consists of manual or automated push mechanism “API Service” in which it collects sales from retailer system and push it by consuming API Services for daily and monthly/ casual sales

What CSI Can do:

  • Custom API Integrations
  • Custom API Implementations
  • Automated API Testing
  • API Development Platforms


Our Payment services helps you deliver a faultless checkout experience that facilitates transaction completion and customer retention through simple and logical payment processes.


  • Save time by generating several customer invoices at once
  • never miss an invoice delivery with efficient tracking, creation and delivery process
  • Reduce invoice mistakes through automatically highlighted errors
  • Accept all payments: Mastercard, Visa, Annex and more

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