How to Encrypt Data with Winrar

Ecrypt with Winrar

If you wanted to encrypt your data in the easiest way possible, and with the strongest encryption technique possible, there is no alternative to Winrar. Most of us think of Winrar as a compression software but unlike Windows-ZIP utility, it does both encryption and compression. This guide will teach you how to encrypt your data for security purposes. For both single file and multiple files / folders.

Before we proceed, you must have Winrar installed on your computer in order to do this.


Navigate to the files / folders you wish to encrypt.


Either gather all the files / folder you want to encrypt into a single folder. OR select the multiple files and folder by holding down the CTRL key on your keyboard.



Right-Click the multiple selected files / folders and click Add to Archive. You will be prompted with a dialog similar to this one:



Check the  RAR  radio button:



Go to the Advanced tab on the top and click on  Set Password  to open a new Dialog Window.

Encrypt with Winrar

STEP 6 [Encrypt]

Type a password into the two text fields and mark the check box next to the label  Encrypt File Names .



Click ‘OK’ twice to Compress and Secure your data.


Winrar Security:
Note that Winrar uses AES security, which stands for Advanced Encryption Standard. Based on the Rijndael encryption technique, it is by far the strongest encryption of our generation. Thus keeping the password strong will ensure ultimate security.
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