Our Products

Defense Security

Drones & Anti-Drones
Audio Surveillances
Mobile Forensics
Access Controls

Vehicle Surveillance

Physical Security

Modified Containers
Hydrolic Barriers
Rapid Deloyment System

Secure Printing

Secure Printing
ID Cards
End to End Line

Secure Communication

Secure Communication
LTE Network
Hybrid Power Station



Technical and Logistic Services

We ensure the highest value possible for our products and systems, the best technical assistance through an extended portfolio of technical services. Our technicians offer remote technical assistance, site management, installation and set-up, in-service data capture, configuration and obsolescence management, technical publications, info-logistic services.


Cybersecurity Services

We provide intelligence-driven cybersecurity solutions, technologies and services for Governments, Critical Infrastructures, logistics and individuals cyber protection. We deliver risk analysis, design and implementation of security architectures, training for prevention and management of incidents and disaster recovery.


24/7 Support

We provide a wide range of performance based and pay-per-use, turnkey type services to support civil and military platforms and missions.We ensure a faster response and a secure and innovative solution to any type of Customer requirements.