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    Disclaimer The opinions expressed on this blog and any syndicated replication thereof are those of the authors alone, and do not reflect the opinions of employers, partners, or anyone else unless otherwise explicitly stated. Although every care has been taken to ensure the accuracy of the information published, no warranty can be given in respect ...

  • The Simplest Trojan Backdoor Rootkit Payload

    The Simplest Trojan Backdoor Rootkit Payload

    Here is how you can easily generate a trojan backdoor payload for penetration-testing practices like social engineering through user-interaction. For this practice we will require MSF (Metasploit framework). MSF comes preinstalled with KALI LINUX and that is what we will be using for this experiment. Once you have a Linux set up with MSF we ...

  • Bitcoin for Dummies

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    Bitcoin for Dummies

    The modern world as we know today is run by a healthy economy; this economy is driven by the influx of money, in the form of trade and business. Governments all over the world operate by collecting tax returns from its citizens, and invest it back to the system. Generally any geographical region’s strength is ...

  • Penetration Testing Execution Standard – PTES

    Penetration Testing Execution Standard – PTES

    Penetration Testing Execution Standards – PTES Before, we talked about the aspects of pen-testing in brief. Now we look at the SOP involved with Pen-Testing; and ‘those’ standards are called as Penetration Testing Execution Standards or PTES. Written by several of the leading security officers in the information-security networks, the purpose is to make pen-testing ...

  • Penetration Testing and Ethical Hacking

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    Penetration Testing and Ethical Hacking

    Ethical hacking, Security auditing and Penetration testing are different terms that relate to a common procedure. It is the process through which a cyber attack is simulated on a computer system in order to discover and _prevent_ security breaches, and patch exploitable vulnerabilities. The purpose of penetration testing So basically the purpose of penetration testing ...

  • How to Encrypt Data with Winrar

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    How to Encrypt Data with Winrar

    If you wanted to encrypt your data in the easiest way possible, and with the strongest encryption technique possible, there is no alternative to Winrar. Most of us think of Winrar as a compression software but unlike Windows-ZIP utility, it does both encryption and compression. This guide will teach you how to encrypt your data ...

  • Safe Browsing: How to remain Protected Against Malware

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    Safe Browsing: How to remain Protected Against Malware

    Malware Security is the first thing that should come in mind before going online.  With the  increase in networking resources the Internet is growing in a rapid pace like never before. Today there is an increasing availability of  networking resources, for an  increasing audience of the Internet. Today every organization is pushing towards Cloud based ...

  • How to Enable Hyper-V on Windows 8

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    How to Enable Hyper-V on Windows 8

    Hyper-V For Windows 8: Microsoft Hyper-V is a hypervisor-based virtualization product that enables you to consolidate workloads, helping  IT Professionals and independent organizations improve server utilization and reduce costs. Among IT professionals and Penetration Testing Experts, running multiple instances of different Operating systems is necessary. For this specific purpose Microsoft has included its Solution for ...

  • Kali Linux Fix on VMware Version 8

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    Kali Linux Fix on VMware Version 8

    Kali Linux Error on VMware: Kali Linux failing to attach to your VMware Workstation? If the error you receive is the error bellow, then you should follow this short guide to fix the installation. FIX The solution is easy. It is no compatibility issue, just a small precautionary bug. Follow the steps bellow to fix ...

  • Kali Linux vs BackTrack

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    Kali Linux vs BackTrack

    What is Kali Linux anyway? Kali Linux is an advanced Penetration Testing and Security Auditing Linux distribution, and it is the new BackTrack. Yes! Why the new name? Offensive Security, the company that sponsored BackTrack, speaks to have put in a lot more effort into this new Linux. They say that their plan for BackTrack-6 ...